Best Cheap Smokers in 2014

Best cheap smokersSmokers are one of the useful products that you can pick up for creating fantastically flavored homemade foods.  Smokers today not only can run on a number of fuels,  but also can be used for traditional barbecuing to cold smoking fish, cheese and a variety of other food items.

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Most smokers available today allows you to not just set up a temperature but also cooking time, making it as easy to use as a microwave, but giving the food insanely more flavor.

When on the lookout for the best cheap smokers on the market, make sure you choose a price range.  You can choose from a number of smokers that work on charcoal, propane gas or even electricity based on your preference.


Best cheap smokersThe Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 18.5 Inch gets 4.9 stars on Amazon and over 300 customer reviews that say it all. This popular smoker is made of porcelain enameled steel and comes with two 18.5 inch wide grates that uniformly distribute heat. It can accommodate a whole turkey, and an entire ham at the same time making it one of the best cheap smokers available, at just under $300.  It comes with a limited 10 year warranty.

The smoker comes with thermometer to monitor temperatures, heat resistant handles and fitted cover that make it easy to handle, and a water pan. This smoker measures approximately 19x19x41 inches and has 2 heavy duty cooking grates.

The built in thermometer allows you to keep record of the cooking temperature at all times. The water pan  that is porcelain enameled adds steam to the meat cooking to make it moist and succulent while adding to it a nice smoky flavor.


Best cheap smokersThe stainless steel Stovetop-Smoker smokes a wide variety of food such as vegetables, fish and meat right over a stovetop. It works with any heat source which also includes an open flame, or even a electric stove top.

The stovetop smoker comes in two sizes one that is 15 by 11 inches in dimension and another small size variant. 

All you need to do is open the smoker and add two tablespoons of wood chips after removing the rack and drip tray, put the food on the rack, close the lid and place the smoker on medium heat.

This $40 smoker is easy to use and has been rated 4.5 stars on amazon and is just right to cook sausages, tofu, nuts, and even garlic, making it one of the most versatile and best cheap smokers you can lay your hands on.  Users of it love how it does not smoke up the kitchen.


Best cheap smokersThe Emson Electric-5Qt Smoker is the only pressure smoker that can not just cook your barbecue brisket but also pressure smoke fish or cold cheese. It has a capacity to cook as much as 4 pounds of food at one go. This versatile smoker that can cook, sear and even smoke food has been rated 4.1 stars by Amazon users, and costs just under $200.

The digital settings make it easy to operate this smoker which is safe to use indoors and is highly energy efficient as well. This portable device increases the internal pressure by 15 psi that enables the cooking process to speed up by almost 70%.  

The adjustable four level rack allows you to stack up food of different variety and smoke them together at the same time imparting to it a rich flavor and smoky fragrance, that makes it one of the best cheap smokers that is value for money.


Ready for some awesome smoked chicken this weekend?

These are just few of the many best cheap smokers that you can choose from.

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